2012 OLYMPICS: Electro-Voice EVH Series installed at Olympic Stadium

With a capacity of 80,000, over 100 Electro-Voice EVH hornloaded co-axial speakers from the company’s Innovation Series have been installed in the Olympic Stadium.

The EVH series is a dedicated installed sound solution that builds on the company’s FRX/FRX+ series. Designed to deiliver optimal performance in venues of all sizes, the range’s mid-sized 15-inch two-way cabinets feature a coaxial hornloaded designs. Meanwhile, a 400-W SMX2151 woofer provides the EVH’s deep lows, as horn loading extends directivity control down to 500 Hz.

High frequencies are handled by a pure titanium compression driver – a standard two-inch (S models) -protected by a fourthorder crossover network. Six coverage patterns (ranging from 40° by 30° to 90° by 90°) on Rotatable Constantdirectivity waveguides are also designed to offer optimum versatility.

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