2012 Proms season incorporates RTW TM3 at The Royal Albert Hall

The 2012 Proms, which took place at London’s Royal Albert Hall, saw RTW’s TM3 play a crucial role behind the scenes at the prestigious event.

Featuring music from the likes of Turnage, Elgar, Delius and Tippett, the BBC’s television coverage for the eight-weeks session is being handled backstage by SIS LIVE from two trucks – Mastersound and OB5. In Mastersound, SIS LIVE’s BAFTA winning Sound supervisor Andy Payne is responsible for the sound balance of the HD Proms in 5.1. At his instigation, real time experiments using EBU’s loudness recommendation R128 are also being trialled.

Julian Gough of Noises Off is the co-Sound supervisor for the Proms. Being independent, he works with several different companies, and with the interest in R128 at the Proms, was looking for an audio metre that could provide portability and accurate loudness measurements and PPMs. Having contacted Aspen Media, RTW’s UK distributor, Gough invested in a six-channel RTW TM3 to use with stereo or 5.1. The TM3 complies with all the latest international loudness standards, including EBU R128 and incorporates single-channel and summing bar graphs, loudness range and numerical displays for measuring loudness.

Gough commented: “I’m very impressed with the configurability of the TM3. It’s so easy, using the Devicer software, to configure presets determined by the job I’m doing. I’ve never come across this before.”

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