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D.A.S. Audio unveils new Vantec portable line array systems

D.A.S. Audio has expanded its Vantec Series of portable systems with the new Vantec-20A and the Vantec-118A.

The Vantec-20A is an active curved source line array that can be stacked on the powered Vantec-118A companion subwoofer, flown in a compact array, or used alone on a speaker stand. Designed for use in arrays of up to five units, Sporting D.A.S. Click-Lock rigging hardware lets users mount individual units on tripods with aiming possible due to a variable angle pole mount.

The Vantec-20A employs the DAScontrol interface, which offers setup of the systems in arrays and alignment with the Vantec-18A and Vantec-118A active bass systems without the need of external processing. The digital signal processing of the Vantec-20A includes Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters providing linear phase response and impulse response.

When the Vantec-20A is used individually, the DASlink APP lets users stream music in high definition stereo and remotely monitor and control the system’rsquo;s functions. Power is supplied by a 1500W peak Class D amplifier in a bi-amplified configuration.

Vantec-118A is the active front-loaded bass system that has been designed specifically for use with the Vantec-20A curved source line array. The electronics package includes a 2000W peak Class D amplifier and 24-bit high-end DSP. A "Deep-Loud" EQ switch allows users to tailor the bass output while controls on the rear panel manage gain, polarity, and a continually variable low-pass filter that ranges from 80 Hz to 125 Hz. The Vantec-118A is phase response coherent with the other Vantec Series active tops like the Vantec-20A.

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