28 ME mixers employed for Lee Towers

Netherlands-based PA company SoundWorks supplied 28 Allen & Heath ME-1 Personal Mixers for singer Lee Towers, who recently hosted concerts over several nights at Luxor Theater Rotterdam.
Monitor Engineer Jens van Koolwijk selected the ME mixers. “The decision was an easy one – ME just works like clockwork,” he said. “There’s no hassle, it’s easy to set up and the audio quality is sublime.”
An Allen & Heath iDR-16 iLive MixRack was employed as a system management hub for the multiple ME mixers, using its MADI interface to connect to the main monitor mixer. 40 channels of MADI fed the iDR-16, giving access to a full-blown iLive DSP system if adjustments were needed to the MADI stream. The iDR-16 was controlled using iLive Editor, leaving the ACE connection free to feed the ME-1s.
“Feedback from the musicians was very positive. The orchestra was very pleased with the natural sound and ease of use, and the drummer was thrilled that he could finally adjust his bass drum and snare separately,” concluded van Koolwijk.