?38m 2012 Olympics sports facility seeks Bosch solutions

Over 150 Bosch loudspeakers have been installed at a £38m sports complex in Basildon, Essex, which is set to host training sessions prior to the 2012 Olympics, Installation Europe has reported.

PEL Services supplied PA and audio equipment for a number of locations around the Everyone Active Basildon Sporting Village site. Among the Bosch units chosen for the installation was the new Hemi-directional loudspeaker (LS1-OC100E), which utilises advanced filtering and a combination of 14 drivers. Five Hemi-directional loudspeakers were selected to provide coverage in the sports, gym and exercise halls.

“We really liked the Hemi-directional Loudspeaker – we hadn’t used it before, but had seen demos of it in Germany and were very impressed. It is an excellent loudspeaker and very few of them are required to cover a large area,” commented PEL Services’ engineering director, Vic Swain.

PEL Services also installed loudspeakers in the Athletics Stadium Grandstand and Main Pool spectator seating areas, the Plant Areas of the Sporting Village, the Reception, the Climbing Wall section, and the Wet Change Areas. Specific Bosch equipment installed in these areas included a total of 115 LBC 3086/41 recessed ceiling speakers, five LBC 3941/11 projection speakers, seven LBC 3018/00 cabinets, three LBC 3481/12 horn speakers and four LBC 3210/00 line array units.

Swain commented on the smooth progression of the installation: “The detailed installation instructions that came with each piece of kit were a great help. We were concerned about installing the Hemi-Directional Speakers, as this was the first time we had used them, but our concern proved to be completely unfounded and the speakers were installed with a single ‘Gripple’ cable suspension plus safety.

“We would have no hesitation in installing Bosch kit in the future and would highly recommend these audio products.”

Paul Wong, managing director of Bosch, added: “Bosch loudspeakers are the result of over half-a-century’s experience in professional audio equipment and we are proud that, thanks to their innovation and innate functionality, these products have been selected for installation at a highly modern site that will play host to Olympic athletes.”