3DAudio sets out to take sound production to the next level

3DAudio, a new technology utilising MDSF (Multi-Dimensional Sound Fields), is set to drastically change the way that audiences experience sound across a vast array of applications.

Used in a professional studio, 3DAudio is designed to allow over 100 sounds to move in their own individual 3D movement path simultaneously, with no loss in audio quality. With more than 50 applications, 3DA aims to enhance the manner by which audiences experience live events, movie theatres, musical instruments, and home entertainment systems. Furthermore, MDSF technology can also be incorporated across such applications as car audio, theme parks, video games, nightclubs and TV and radio broadcasting.

In order to generate MDSF, 3DA doesn’t require more than a 7.1 system, and is designed to work equally well with a 4.1 system. Moreover, the technology is intended to offer the same quality of sound regardless of the venue’s size or acoustical challenges, and can be played in surround sound, stereo or mono.

Additionally, the 3-D Sonic Data Extractor is capable of taking standard CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, video games and all forms of broadcast/cable TV and converting them to 3DA.