Acoustune introduced to the European market by distributor cma audio

cma audio has announced the exclusive distribution of in-ear headphone specialist Acoustune for all European markets. The Japanese manufacture known for its high-end-grade in-ear monitors enjoys a legendary reputation among headphone audiophiles worldwide.

“We are delighted to bring these absolutely unique products to the European market,” says Michael Zirkel, cma audio´s Head of Global Sales. “All Acoustune products deliver a level of sound quality and sonic drive we have never experienced with in-ear-monitors.”

HS1750Cu – affordable high-end sound plus powerful bass

The HS1750CU offers the main concept and ingredients of Acoustune’s high-end product at modest expense: the earbud housing milled from aluminium holds the driver´s chamber made from brass. The latter material is used together with an individual enclosure architecture, plus a powerful 10-millimeter full-range diaphragm made from Acoustune´s  exclusive Myrinx material, to ensure a particularly rich and deep bass reproduction. This synthetic diaphragm material was developed to achieve the most natural tonal reproduction in a similar way to the transduction within the human eardrum.

With an impedance of 24 ohms and very high efficiency, the HS1750CU is a perfect choice for mobile applications on less powerful head amplifiers. For optimal fit, 9 adapters in various sizes and shapes are included.

HS1790Ti – ultimate resolution and impulse response due to titanium

This high-end in-ear-monitor introduces two of Acoustune´s exclusive technologies: a driver´s enclosure entirely made from titanium, and a sandwich diaphragm composed of Myrinx plus a very thin layer of titanium.

The inner chamber, like the intricate outer housing, is milled in the manufactory with high-precision CNC milling machines. The 10-millimeter full-range driver in its titanium enclosure, yields maximum impulse accuracy, fine dynamics and incredibly precise timing, without sacrificing tonal balance or bass response. For optimal fit, 9 adapters are included, varying in size, choice of materials and design.

Japanese craftmanship and deep knowledge of materials

All Acoustune products are manufactured to the highest standards in the factory in Japan. The utmost precision is ensured by state-of-the-art machinery such as CNC mills, which produce each individual part with incredible accuracy. However, final assembly and quality control are always executed by experienced experts.

Pricing and availability

Acoustune products will be available in Europe from September 2023 through retail and The MSRP for the HS1750Cu will be 699,00 EUR and for HS1790Ti 1199,00 Euros incl. 19% VAT.

Availability: September 2023