ADAM Audio enters professional studio headphone market

ADAM Audio has lifted the veil on the Studio Pro SP-5, the company’s first foray into the professional studio headphone market.

The SP-5 is a closed-backed, ‘analytically precise’ circumaural headphone delivering a smoothly balanced sound across a broad frequency spectrum from 8 Hz to 38 kHz.

The headphone integrates Bavarian company Ultrasone’s S-LOGIC technology, employing transducers spatially arranged to exploit the natural form of the human ear, making mixing on the SP-5 easier than on traditional headphone designs that point directly at the ear canal.

S-LOGIC technology also means the SP-5 require less SPL to deliver the same subjectively experienced volume, reducing distortion artefacts and avoiding listening fatigue.

“We’re very pleased to have worked with such a renowned industry partner to offer our first ADAM Audio headphone,” said ADAM Audio CEO Christian Hellinger. “Our collaboration has produced a headphone that fits perfectly into ADAM Audio’s range of reference-class monitors and follows the same objectives of providing ultra-precise reproduction of audio material while avoiding hearing fatigue.

The ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5 is available now for SRP £499 in the UK, MAP $499 in the US, and UVP €549 in Germany.