Adam Audio rolls out limited time Triple7 offer

Adam Audio has revealed a limited time Triple7 bundle offer, in which a pair of F7 active monitors matched with a Sub7 subwoofer are available at 30 percent off the cost of purchasing each separately.

The Triple7 programme, which runs through the end of August 2016, is available to clients throughout Europe, South Africa, Turkey and Israel.

The manufacturer says it decided to launch the promotion after speaking with customers around the world and recognising the need for them to have systems which combine precision with low end in a high quality subwoofer.

“With the Triple7 system, we are offering our customers a unique opportunity to own our precision monitors matched with a subwoofer which enables them to have ultimate control over their low frequencies,” said Alexander Sacken, head of global sales at ADAM Audio. “As the pair is precisely matched, both components can play back audio signals more accurately in their respective frequency ranges. And customers can counter a room’s acoustic problems with flexible positioning of the subwoofer. And most importantly, they can save up to 30% with this limited time offer."

The bundle features a pair of F7 monitors plus a Sub7 subwoofer. The monitor is equipped with a room equaliser for high (> 5 kHz) and low (< 300 Hz) frequencies and an overall volume control on the rear panel. A high pass filter (to be used in conjunction with a subwoofer) and XLR/TRS/RCA inputs complete the professional functions of the F7.

Next, the included Sub7 is specially designed to complement smaller monitors such as the F7. Its small footprint allows for easy placement in tight environments and it is equipped with both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) input and output connectors, allowing the subwoofer to be used in home or studio environments.

Numerous control options allow for many and varied adjustments to room acoustics or the satellites used. The low cutoff frequency of 32Hz (-3dB) enables the subwoofer to reproduce even the lowest frequencies accurately, while the included remote control facilitates volume changes or crossover frequency adjustments from the desired listening position.