ADAM Audio starts shipping T10S active 10” subwoofer

ADAM Audio has announced availability of the T10S, its latest compact active 10′′ subwoofer equipped with a 130-Watt, Class D amplifier designed to extend the bass response of the company’s T Series studio monitor speakers.

Incorporating high-quality, low-noise OP amps, the T10S has been designed to offer clean, contoured bass response that maintains the sonic integrity of audio passing through the sub to the monitor speakers.

The switchable crossover frequency and optional crossover bypass allows the T10S to be used with the ADAM Audio T Series or any other professional monitor, including surround setups. Additional features include a phase invert switch and intelligent auto-power system.

Its compact dimensions give the T10S one of the smallest footprints of any 10″ subwoofer designs currently available, while its generously proportioned rear-facing bass reflex port is optimised for airflow to minimise noise, even under heavy load. The housing incorporates four high-grade rubber feet that prevent the sound from exciting the floor.

“We’re excited to take this next step for our T series range,” said Christian Hellinger, CEO at ADAM Audio. “Developing the T10S subwoofer felt a lot like the design process for our T7V and T5V full-range monitors in that were we totally focused on channeling all our experience into producing a highly affordable speaker. Many producers working on more budget-friendly setups like the T Series require an accurate depiction of how the bass will translate in clubs and other venues with a sub. This small yet potent subwoofer pushes the sonic envelope all the way down to 28 Hz. We’re very pleased to offer our customers a great- sounding subwoofer priced in line with our T series.”

The recommended retail price for the ADAM T10S is 389 GBP (incl. 20% VAT) / 449 EUR (incl. 19% VAT).