Adamson enlists Concept Audio to Project Energia

Adamson has expanded its growing list of Project Energia Beta Partners with the addition of French hire company Concept Audio.

As a long-time Adamson partner, Concept Audio also carries Y18’s, Y10’s, T21 Subs, SpekTrix and M15 monitors in its inventory.

Pierrick Burgin and Hugues Mongrand, are founders and managing directors of Concept Audio. “The Y18 did not disappoint, our techs and customers were in heaven”, commented Burgin when discussing the early days of line arrays. As Adamson began to publicise the new Energia system’s details, Concept Audio kept in close contact with Adamson’s French distributors DV2 about joining the Energia Network.

After comparing a number of line array systems from a host of different manufacturers, Burgin stated: “Man, it is incredible. It’s powerful, lightweight and it sounds astonishing. We had demos by others brands, but the E15 is simply the best system in the world.”

Concept’s inaugural event with the E15 system was ‘Spring Fest’ promoted by FM Radio Allouette. The outdoor event, which attracts an audience of around 27,000 people, saw 24 E15 boxes in use – 12 per side – as well as six T21 Subs in cardioid mode per side on the ground.

In the coming weeks the E15 will be deployed for various outdoor festivals, including Hellfest Summer Open Air 2012, Free Music Festival in Montendre, 25th anniversary of Futuroscope, Festiv’Ete in Moutiers sous Chantemerle, and on shows with Johnny Clegg, Sinsemilia, and as a cross-rental for Audiolite at Brest Maritime Festival 2012, and the Bobital Festival.

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