Adamson Metrix Series chosen for new-look Lausanne opera house

The Opéra de Lausanne in Switzerland reopened last month following a full technical upgrade, which includes a newly designed PA set-up built around the Adamson Metrix Series.

The choice of technical components, including the PA system, was arranged by audio consultant Jacques Moyal and assisted by Vincent Taurisson. Controlled and amplified by the Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q, the system features two left and right arrays of three Metrix five-degree boxes, which take care of the main floor level, while on the same array, one sub and two specially aimed Metrix five degree boxes cover the balconies.

The PA systems have been fully integrated into the venue, with each level getting its own distribution system incorporated into the small balconies left and right of the stage. A custom painted centre cluster was also added for fill.

The terracotta red speaker array made up of one Metrix sub with four Metrix Ws was designed to cover the centre from the very top to the floor, which disappears into the classical valance of the stage. The integrated processing Lake amp can independently manage each group of speakers.

Audio distribution and PLM control is implemented using an optic fibre network running the DANTE digital audio network protocol, keeping the signal path from console to amplifier purely digital.

The Opéra de Lausanne opened its doors once again on October 5th after five years of renovation and expansion work, with a new production of The Elixir of Love by Donizetti, which attracted more than 700 guests.

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