Adamson rocks Sonisphere Amneville festival

Adamson’s Energia E15 system hit the Sonisphere Amneville stage on July 7th and 8th, providing sound for such rock and metal acts as Marilyn Manson, Wolfmother, Machine Head and Faith No More.

All audio equipment for the French festival was provided by Energia Beta partners MPM and Waveform Audio.

Chief Audio designer, Waveform’s, Julien Poirot commented: "The E15 is just a perfect PA. There is amazing headroom and precision in the low frequency with a very powerful and clean mid/high section. This is just the Adamson touch." Poirot’s design was executed with Adamson’s new software suite Blueprint AV.

Machine Head FOH engineer Craig ‘Bozz’ Porter added: “I’m really interested in the E15 now, I love the Y18s with the T-21s (Subs), but the E15 with the T21s is the best Adamson rig I’ve heard.” Porter had some time to evaluate and test the E15s: “I got to feel it out and make some changes to see how it reacted, just basic stuff I normally do and specific things I do to specific PA’s. I was very happy with the fidelity of the E15.”

The Apollo stage saw 12 E15s positioned per side, with two Metrix 15-degrees enclosures as down fill and 20 Y10 enclosures for each out fill array. The stage measured 20 m (66 ft) wide by 19m (64ft) deep and utilised a stereo centre fill, with two arrays of six five-degree SpekTrix enclosures. On the ground, nine T-21 Subs were stacked each side in columns of three, with a further two T21s placed in the centre. Between the centre subs and side subs, four risers were built with a single SpekTrix Sub and two SpekTrix five-degree enclosures stacked for fill. Additional Metrix cabinets were also placed on the main T21 columns for fill. Onstage, two M15s with two stacked Metrix subs were used for line check, another 24 M15s were used for stage monitoring, as well as two double 18” SpekTrix subwoofers for drum fill. Side fills on stage consisted four flown Y10s with two ground-stacked T21subs per side.

Meanwhile, the B stage featured eight E15s per side and six T21 Subs per side with four SX18 front fills, and two Metrix Ws for lip fills. The PA was set up for an audience of 6,000, but on the second day of the festival, organisers decided to move as many acts inside as possible due to heavy winds. This measure unfortunately meant that some bands were unable to perform, but was seen as the appropriate action to take following a number of weather related tragedies at outdoor festivals.

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