Adamson?s Project Energia put to the test by C.Vilar Amplificacion

Adamson has announced C.Vilar Amplificacion as the first Energia Beta partner in latin America.

Based in Bogota, Colombia, C.Vilar Amplificacion supplies production for high-profile shows, tours, festivals and installations, and is a long-time user of Adamson gear, boasting one of the largest Adamson inventories in South America. Recent Colombian productions with C.Vilar at the helm include FIFA, Coldplay, US President Barack Obama’s recent visit, The Cartagena Classic Music Festival, Rock al Parque and The Bicentennial Celebrations of Colombia in Bogota.

With a vast range of ‘new generation’ line arrays to choose from, C.Vilar applied careful consideration to the process of selecting the right system. Sound designer Leonardo Vilar commented: “Energia’s global network is growing rapidly and it’s exciting to be a part of the vision from the beginning. Energia is without question the world’s leading concept as far as innovation and interactivity is concerned. Many of Adamson’s competitors have launched products with small incremental improvements in their driver technology, but no one has a package quite as revolutionary as the short and long term vision of Project Energia.”

C.Vilar also stocks Adamson Y18, Y10, T21, SpekTrix, Metrix, SX18 and M series.

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