AeroWave Listening Event in Nashville

Speaker manufacturer Ocean Way Audio recently held a listening event for their innovative AeroWave live sound reinforcement system, giving attendees an opportunity to hear the revolutionary new technology first-hand. Spanning two days at the Fisher Center for Performing Arts at Belmont University in Nashville, the event included multiple listening demos, as well as Q&A sessions with Ocean Way CEO Allen Sides and Director of New Technology Cliff Henricksen.

The well-attended event delivered a unique experience, as guests were encouraged to move through the audience and listen to the balanced horizontal and vertical coverage AeroWave offers throughout the listening space.

“The innovation Ocean Way Audio delivers in this system goes well beyond what traditional technologies allow, and transports the audience into a Hi-Fi Studio Stereo Experience,” said National Sales Manager, Samia Scoda. “The native performance of this system speaks volumes as well, as it took only minutes to deploy and balance. Achieving such a perfect sonic result at this scale and in such short order is simply incomprehensible.”

“The reactions from guests at this event confirmed what we already know about this new system,” remarked CEO Allen Sides. “AeroWave delivers perfect stereo to every seat with flawless imaging, totally transparent and completely natural sound without a trace of harshness, resulting in true high fidelity from 20Hz to 20kHz for everyone.”