AES 2012: Audio-Technica shares new research at US show

Audio-Technica is out in force at this year’s AES convention, with members of the its management sharing research in two key presentations while new products will be on display at the company’s booth (705) on the trade show floor.

On Saturday October 27th, Audio-Technica will present the paper “On the Study of Ionic Microphones” (Convention Paper 8745) at the juried paper session ‘Transducers’, which takes place from 2-6pm. Composed by Hiroshi Akino of Audio-Technica in Japan, with Hirofumi Shimokawa of Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan and Jackie Green and Tadashi Kikutani of Audio-Technica US, the paper encapsulates the following research:

‘Diaphragm-less ionic loudspeakers using both low-temperature and high-temperature plasma methods have already been studied and developed for practical use. This study examined using similar methods to create a diaphragm-less ionic microphone. This paper reviews the experimental outcome of two ionic methods, and considerations given to resolve issues revealed by the study.’

Also on Saturday, from 4-5:30pm, Bob Green, Audio-Technica US director of Digital and Technical Wireless Engineering, will chair the presentation ‘Wireless Frequency Wrangling at Large Events’ as part of the live sound seminars (L5). Panellists will include Dave Bellamy, Henry Cohen, Peter Erskine, Chris Dodds, Steve Caldwell and Larry Estrin. This session will cover the overall approach to RF coordination, preparation and setup for a large event. Topics discussed will include microphones, in-ear monitoring and production communications with specific focus on antenna systems, frequency coordination, RF isolation, monitoring, verifying operation and procedures.

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