AES 2012: Clear-Com?s Estrin to take part in wireless panel discussion

Clear-Com has announced that its strategic technology specialist Larry Estrin will be a panelist for the AES 2012 live sound seminar entitled LS6 – ‘Wireless Frequency Wrangling at Large Events’, which will be held on Saturday, October 27th, from 4:00pm-5:30 pm.

As part of the panel, Estrin, along with other leading industry figures, will offer his expertise on the overall approach to RF coordination, preparation, and setup for large events. Topics to be discussed include microphones, in-ear monitoring, and production communications, with a key focus on antenna systems, cabling, RF environment isolation, monitoring, verifying operation and procedures.

Estrin’s distinguished career has amassed 39 years’ experience, having worked on numerous landmark events, such as the first multi-satellite global broadcast of a major concert, the live stereo broadcast of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, stereo broadcasts of the Grammys and Academy Awards, as well as numerous high-profile projects for the White House, NFL and Disney. From his current position with Clear-Com, he will be able to speak in depth on the coordination of wireless intercom system for live events.

Estrin will be available throughout the show at Clear-Com’s booth (1218) to answer additional questions.

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