AES 2016: DPA to display complete microphone range

DPA Microphones will be showing its range of d:screet Miniature, d:dicate Recording, d:vote Instrument and d:facto Handheld microphones at the 141st AES Convention (Booth 621) in Los Angeles.

DPA’s d:screet Miniature microphones are touted as excellent speech and vocal microphones by many industry veterans, ideal in situations where the talent requires flexibility of movement or when mics need to be cleverly concealed.

The company’s d:dicate Recording microphones (main image) are used by the high-end recording and film production industries in studios, concert halls and on stage, as well as in news, broadcast and sports applications. The range includes both omnidirectional and directional microphone capsules and are based on a modular design, giving users the ability to mix and match capsules and preamplifiers to create the exact microphone needed for any specific task.

The d:vote condenser microphone series has a wide array of instrument clips that create a versatile microphone, giving the user a gentle, easy-to-mount solution.

Meanwhile, the d:facto Handheld microphone (pictured above) series boasts a fully modular construction, making the grid, capsules and wired handle (or adapters for wireless systems) completely interchangeable. The d:facto line consists of two capsule versions; Vocal Microphones that are intended for stage use with audio quality so high that they can be used for studio recording and broadcast, and Interview Microphones intended for handheld ENG/EFP applications.

DPA’s d:facto Linear Vocal Microphone features the MMC4018VL Supercardioid Capsule while the d:facto Vocal Microphone features the MMC4018V Supercardioid Capsule, which has a high-end boost. The d:facto Interview Microphone features superior wind and handling noise rejection, without the need for extra foam windscreens or fur windjammers in most cases.