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AES Europe : Workshops Offer Insights on Audio Production and Technologies

The run-up to this year’s AES Europe 2023 Convention, being held at Aalto University, Espoo, Helsinki, Finland, May 13-15, continues to build momentum with a strong Technical Program featuring over 40 topical Workshops in addition to research papers presentations, technology demonstrations and networking events.

The myriad of topical workshops highlight breaking technologies as well as audio standards and insights into audio engineering fundamentals.

Day one’s immersive audio workshops sessions include:

“The Why and How Behind Immersive and Surround Recordings,” which will examine the interaction between composers, musicians, producers, engineers and labels in immersive audio production, and a look at the plethora of target playback environments for immersive audio in “Immersive Staging Targets for Various Playback Scenarios.”

The highlight acoustics session, “Secrets of the Low Frequencies – Navigating the Quicksand,” joins additional first day workshop topics including “The Future of Wireless Audio / Headphone 3.0,” “Towards an Objective Understanding of High-End Audio,” and a “Primer to the Temporal Auditory Imaging Theory.”

Day two continues with sessions focused on the 100+ pre-registered student attendees such as:

“What Does it Take to Become a Successful Audio Engineer?,” “What I Wish I Knew (When Starting My Career)” and the first of two of the always popular Student Mix Critiques.

Further sessions include a four-part Enveloping Masterclass series with immersive listening opportunities and Q&As, explorations of modeling and emulation including “Machine Learning for Guitar Amplifier Modeling,” while important sound reinforcement issues are covered in “Essential Elements for Building Acoustically High Performance Spaces” and “Maximum Sound Pressure Level Prediction and Measurement for Live Event Applications.”

Workshops on the third day of AES Europe include:

Vital information on hearing preservation in “Safe Listening – Clinical Review, EU Requirements, Tinnitus and Treatment.”

“The Anatomy of a Recording Session: Where Musical Creativity and Technology Intersect,” features a discussion on using recording studio sessions to study creativity as a collaborative practice. A DIY software engineering educational session on “Creating Audio Plug-ins with MATLAB” is complemented by a detailed look at the now free-to-all web edition of the “AES Perceptual Audio Coders – What to Listen For” interactive online tutorial, which offers a set of valuable listening evaluation tools to the audio community.

AES EuropeAES Europe 2023 Workshops Chair, Aki Mäkivirta states:

“I am very excited about the line-up of excellent workshops in the upcoming AES154 Convention. These will cover the core areas of current developments in audio engineering, ranging from immersive recording and mixing techniques and sound design, to improving personal rendering of audio for headphone presentation, machine learning in the area of audio, virtual and augmented audio, creating plugins with MATLAB, and the design of acoustically high performance spaces. I am confident the AES Convention in Espoo will offer an excellent view of what is important in audio engineering at the moment, and do this at the highest possible scientific level.”

Rounding out the AES Europe 2023 program will be a Friday pre-convention Technical Tour and Workshop, and a Saturday evening Archipelago Sightseeing Cruise.  Sunday evening’s Student Party will be co-organized with Entropy, the electronic music cultural association of the Student Union of Aalto University..

You can read our interview with AES President-Elect Leslie Gaston-Bird on Audio Media International.

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