AES kicks off Mexico Conference

The AES Mexico 2016 Conference, featuring masterclass presentations as well as educational workshops, listening experiences and more, is taking place over the next few days in Mexico City.

This year’s event – once again held in concurrence with Sound:Check Xpo from March 13-15 – has already seen AES president John Krivit deliver a presentation focusing on student and career development on the opening day.

Hailed as the largest dedicated event for the Latin American professional audio community each year, the aim of the AES Mexico Conference is to offer an array of top industry talent relating both personal and technical insights in their field.

In his address yesterday, titled From Student to Professional: Strategies and Best Practices for Matriculating into Your Audio Career, Krivit shared tried and tested methods for achieving a foothold in the audio industry, and how industry trends can help shape the way to finding jobs and setting up a successful career in professional audio.

Additional opening day sessions included Line Arrays vs. Conventional Systems: Adjustment and Optimisation with Fernando Guzmán, and The Challenges of Mixing a Live Band with José Rivera.

The second day of the conference begins with a workshop called The Art of Equalising Without the First EQ with recording, mixing, live sound and electroacoustic systems engineer Andres Millan, featuring several critical listening and analysis examples. These will be followed by Loudness From a Monitoring Perspective with Thomas Lund, and closing out the day, Saving Rock & Roll with engineer/producer Erin Tonkon.

The final day of the conference will hold three additional events: An opening workshop by César Lamschtein named Mix Procedures. Staying Inspired and Reactive; a presentation on Classical Music Recording on Location: Challenges and Rewards with Marcela Zorro; and a tutorial on DRC (Digital Room Correction) hosted by Mauricio Gargel.

Krivit stated: “It is an honour to represent the AES at the largest Latin American professional audio event of the year, and to address the very active and vibrant community of professionals in this region on an international scale. Furthermore, to offer a focus on students – and everyone in the industry still building their career path – reinforces the goals of the Audio Engineering Society to unite audio engineers, artists, scientists and students worldwide through education and the distribution of knowledge throughout the industry. It is because of events such as the AES Mexico Conference that Latin America is our fastest-growing region.”