AES Publishes AES75-2023, Standard for Acoustics Update

The Audio Engineering Society Standards Committee has published an updated standard, AES75-2023: “AES standard for acoustics–Measuring loudspeaker maximum linear sound levels using noise.”

AES75 is an industry‑wide standard for measuring and comparing loudspeaker maximum acoustic output. The standard, originally announced and adopted in March 2022, addresses the need for a practical and repeatable procedure for quantifying this key aspect of loudspeaker performance.

The SC-04-03-A Task Group has created a dedicated AES75 landing page to publicize and promote the standard and its adoption. The page includes links to the standard and downloadable Music-Noise (previously known as M-Noise) test signals.

In addition, the web page contains lists of relevant information and resources: measurement solutions that have implemented AES75, service providers who can perform AES75-compliant measurements, manufacturers that use AES75 in published specifications, and AES75 usage examples. A new, official AES75 Facebook group has also been created to provide a growing AES75 community a place to share and learn.

“After getting so much input from such a large and wide array of industry experts, it’s very gratifying to see the use of the standard well established and growing,” said Bruce Olson, President of the AES and Standards Committee Chair, whose SC-04-03-A Task Group led the development. “Now that the standard is widely implemented in analyzers and used by a growing number of manufacturers,” said task group member Bob Snelgrove, President, GerrAudio Distribution Inc. “We look forward to seeing it requested by consultants and end users.”

The 2023 update to the AES75 standard renames the test signal from M-Noise to Music-Noise to emphasize its spectrum and frequency-dependent crest factor were engineered to emulate those characteristics of music. All technical aspects of the standard remain unchanged