A&H assists New Zealand?s Got Talent

PA company Tomcat Production Services has test-run the Allen & Heath iLive-T digital mixing system on the first leg of the audition tour for New Zealand’s Got Talent.

The iLive system consists of an iDR-64 MixRack and iLive-T112 Control Surface and controlled all three of the FOH speaker systems, the small distributed speech PA, the main performance PA and the judge’s near field monitor system.

The stage monitor system was also handled by the iLive, with Tomcat implementing it as part of the audio department shout communication system.

“NZGT’s audition tour is an audio marathon, comprising 35-40 acts a day with practically no sound checks and you are dealing with anything from a 60 piece choir to a singing basset hound,” says Andy Tait from Tomcat Production Services.

“I am now a huge iLive fan and have purchased the system. As the demands of this tour get more complex, I trust that iLive will handle the project easily and gracefully.”

The show will begin production in October and Tomcat will continue to use the system through to the final in November.