A&H to release new Xone firmware updates

Allen & Heath will be releasing new firmware updates for a trio of Xone products.

The updates have been previewed at the BPM show and cater for the Xone: DB4, Xone: DB2 digital mixers and the Xone: K2 MIDI controller and will provide enhanced FX sections and configuration for the DB4 and DB2 mixers as well as greater integration between the DB4 and K2 controller.

Users of the Xone: DB4 V2.0 firmware will benefit from greater flexibility thanks to an advanced channel FX configuration which allows consumers to determine where the FX section, EQ section and FX ON switch are placed in the signal path.

This update also ensures that each FX section can be configured in Classic, Send or Hybird modes and brings the new Infrabass effect to the DB4’s FX library, providing a low frequency enhancer that generates infra bass energy from the sub-bass spectrum.

The DB4 update also includes a new spatial crossover tool used to independently adjust stereo width above and below a variable crossover point whilst a master output balance control for panning left and right is also included.

The Xone: DB2 V2.0 update allows users to ability to cascade the two FX units for even greater creativity and in cascade mode, the output of the X FX unit is routed through to the Y FX unit and any channel assigned to the X FX has dual processing.

This update also incorporates DB4 features such as spatial crossover, the Infrabass effect, the master output pan control master and the MIDI clock generator that enables simple tempo changes.

The Xobe: DB2 V2.0 and DB4 V2.0 firmware updates now include an integration feature that allows all four of the DB4 loopers to be remotely controlled on the K2 when connected via X-Link.

This new feature will also enabling the user to mix between a loop and the un-looped track using the K2 faders, instantly changing the loop length using the momentary buttons or changing the main loop length.

The updates have been previewed at this weekend’s BPM show and will be available soon.