AIR Studios’ John Webber opts for Little Labs Monotor headphone amp

AIR Studio’s John Webber has incorporated the Little Labs Monotor headphone amp in his studio.

According to the award-winning mastering engineer, “Headphones are more important in mastering than some may think, they’re useful for intricate restoration jobs and a useful reference for clients in attended sessions.

“The Monotor sounds clean and punchy and seems to suit every set of headphone load we’ve tried. It’s also a great touch that the box supports 1/4inch and 3.5mm terminations.”

Webber offers services for CD, vinyl, direct to disc recording, multichannel/stems, mix consultation, Mastered For iTunes (accredited) and hi resolution audio. He has mastered/cut records for a diverse range of artists including George Michael (including the UK number 1 album Listen Without Prejudice/MTV Unplugged 2017), David Bowie, The Divine Comedy, Super Furry Animals, Ghostface Killah and BAD BAD NOT GOOD.

Little Labs created the Monotor when they realised there was a need for an audiophile headphone amp designed for the working audio engineer providing accurate, low fatigue, great sounding source analysis.

The headphone amp’s highlights include an almost completely passive ‘zen circuit’, along with internal super low noise linear voltage regulation.

The unit has a list price of £480 ex VAT and is distributed in the UK through Funky Junk.