AKG Adds Antennae

AKG has unveiled two new antennae. The Floorpad is designed to help touring and equipment rental companies meet audio demands where a small to medium coverage area is required, and provides an alternative approach to the typical antenna design normally applied to wireless microphones and in-ear monitoring systems. Floorpad is placed on the floor, and can be hidden under a stage, carpeting or podiums, with a high-quality RF link to wireless audio devices. Floorpad is connected to microphone receivers or in-ear monitor transmitters via low-loss coaxial cable and placed in the area of operation. It reduces interference sources lying outside of its range. It is a round, rubberised package approximately 20 inches in diameter by ¼-inch thick, with a 10 foot RG316 coaxial tail terminated with a female BNC. The device has a hemispherical radiation pattern, circular polarisation and deliberate reduction in sensitivity across its 470-740MHz frequency range.

Also available is the Helical antenna, which is designed for touring sound professionals, sports broadcast engineers and engineers operating FOH greater-than-normal distances from the stage. The Helical passive circular, polarised directional antenna operates in the UHF range, carrying a frequency between 470 and 740MHz. The lightweight device achieves 9dB gain; connected to microphone receiver or in-ear monitor via low-loss coaxial cable the antenna increases the overall performance. It has a durable, water-resistant nylon cover, and compresses from 12 inch to three inch to easily fit inside a rack drawer for storage. It is designed for rapid deployment as users can unfold, extend and mount the unit on a stand quickly, connecting the cable with a N or BNC connector to receivers, transmitters or antenna combiner. It has a directional pattern and circular polarisation.