AKG C314, D112 MkII microphones now available

UK distributor Sound Technology has announced the immediate availability of AKG’s new C314 dual-diaphragm condenser microphone and D112 MkII kick drum mic.

The C314 (UK RRP £579, £1,319 for a Stereo Pair) promises best in class self-noise and dynamic range, with a flat, high linear frequency response and neutral sound, suitable for recording in a variety of environments.

The microphone features a dual-diaphragm capsule with four selectable polar patterns. Each of the diaphragms is designed for the highest polar pattern accuracy, with the same C414 XLS gold-plated membrane for high linearity and neutral sound. An Overload LED Detection Display indicates overly high sound pressure levels, allowing the user to make adjustments to the microphone setup rather than in the recorded track.

Integrated capsule suspension aims to reduce mechanical noise and resonances, while a double-mesh, all-metal grille protects the capsule and promises high RF immunity without affecting the microphone’s acoustical performance. A 20dB attenuation pad and bass-cut filter is included for close-up recording and reduction of the proximity effect.

“The C214 holds the distinction of being the top-selling recording microphone in the US, and the C314 is the latest model in this family of microphones,” commented Erich Gaertner, product line manager at AKG. “We expect the C314 to achieve even greater success thanks to its affordability, versatility and world-class audio quality.”

The D112 MKII (UK RRP £159) builds upon its predecessor with a new integrated flexible mount, while the cardioid dynamic mic can handle more than 160 dB SPL without distortion. Its large diaphragm is designed for very low resonance frequency to deliver a solid response below 100Hz. A narrow-band presence boost at 4kHz is also featured, alongside an integrated hum-compensation coil, which aims to keep noise to an absolute minimum.

“The D112 has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the best kick drum microphones ever made, for its high SPL capability, punchy EQ and bulletproof construction,” Gaertner continued. “However, its rigid mount sometimes made it a little tricky to place in the optimum position. With the debut of the D112 MKII, we have accommodated the requests of tour sound pros who asked for a more flexible, pivoting and rotating mounting system, which now enables the D112 MKII to be set up perfectly in any application.”