AKG Drum Set Concert I mic collection now shipping

AKG has announced that its new Drum Set Concert I microphone collection is now available through its UK distributor Sound Technology.

The Drum Set Concert I features a selction of seven microphones and accessories in a rugged aluminium carrying case, providing ‘everything needed to capture a complete drum kit, or mic bass and guitar amps, percussion, woodwinds and other instruments.’

“AKG is known for creating some of the world’s finest drum microphones, such as the industry-standard D112,” said Noel Larson, Retail Solutions, Harman Professional. “Drum Set Concert I brings together an outstanding collection of mics that make it easy for drummers to get the very best sound from their kits. In addition, it’s the only set in its class that includes seven mics, making it an unbeatable value.”

The Drum Set Concert I comprises the D112 MkII bass drum mic (reviewed in our November 2015 issue), two compact C430 overhead mics, and four of the popular D40 drum microphones. Each features high maximum SPL handling and rugged metal casing.

The D112 MkII professional dynamic bass drum microphone comes with a new integrated flexible mount, while retaining the sonic strengths and high SPL capability (up to 160dB without distortion) that the original model is known for.

Designed for cymbal and overhead miking, the C430 professional condenser microphone and its compact design delivers a ‘uniquely clear, crisp sound’ that often reduces the need for external EQs.

Finally, the all-metal D40 professional instrument microphone with its integrated stand adapter and mounting bracket is designed to stand up to heavy use with drums, percussion, wind instruments and guitar amps. Its patented Varimotion diaphragm uses a unique laminated material to damp high-resonance peaks while the transducer is protected by a sturdy wire-mesh cap – easily withstanding extremely high sound pressure levels (up to 156dB).

In addition, the Drum Set Concert I includes a rugged aluminium carrying case for easy transport and storage, along with all necessary microphone clamps and stand adapters for quick and easy setup.

The AKG Drum Set Concert I is available now priced at £629 RRP ex VAT.