Alcons presents CRS8 surround system

Alcons has introduced the CRS8 high-fidelity pro-ribbon surround system. The CRS8 is a two-way passive-filtered full range loudspeaker, combining clarity and intelligibility with low distortion and a high dynamic range, offering realistic sound reproduction.

The CRS8 system configuration consists of one RBN401 pro-ribbon driver for MHF and a vented reference quality 8in mid-bass for LF reproduction.

The RBN401 driver is a mid/high frequency transducer; due to the low weight moving mass, this transducer reproduces sound with up to 90 percent less distortion than compression driver designs.

As a result of the ‘direct-drive’ principle of the pro-ribbon transducer (without a compression mechanism), the system has a linear response, with the same tonal balance at the lowest as well as highest sound pressure levels.

In addition, the 800W peak power handling of the RBN401 pro-ribbon driver offers a 1:16 RMS-to-peak power ratio, enabling digital cinema dynamics from 1kHz to beyond 20kHz.

To optimise the amplifier loading in immersive surround systems, the CRS8 is also available in 4 ohms impedance.

The ‘Signal Integrity Sensing’ pre-wiring compensates for long cable and connector resistance between CRS8 and ALC amplified loudspeaker controller; this brings tight and accurate mid and bass response regardless of cable length, down to even the lowest system impedance.

The 10-degree slanted baffle together with the upside-down speaker arrangement and the pro-ribbon’s response characteristic in the vertical plane, caters for a very smooth LF/HF blending, for both near and far located seats (on-axis as well as off-axis).