ALGAM distributes Ampeg and Mackie

LOUD Technologies and ALGAM France have announced a distribution agreement whereby ALGAM serves as the distributor for the Ampeg and Mackie brands in France.

"The Ampeg & Mackie brands are already well established in the French market with a strong and loyal following,” explained Tony Williams, Director of Sales, EMEA. “ALGAM will be able to build on this success by providing a much improved level of French language-based brand communication.”

“ALGAM has enjoyed a very long and successful story with Martin Audio [a LOUD brand] and is delighted to reinforce this great partnership with Ampeg and Mackie,” said Gérard Garnier, ALGAM CEO and Founder. “Ampeg is one of the most iconic brands in the music industry and Mackie remains one of the most innovative companies on the market. Ampeg and Mackie will respectively join CAMAC and GAFFAREL, two of the four ALGAM sales divisions.”