Amate introduces NÍTID active speaker series with dual profile stage monitor

Amate Audio is introducing the first model in its new ‘NÍTID’ ultra-compact performance loudspeaker series.

The N12SM is a highly portable, easy to operate stage monitor that weighs just 18kg. Performance is characterised by its ‘highly musical, pristine sound reproduction’ – with ‘outstanding’ vocal intelligibility – ultra-low distortion and 128 dB SPL.

The new model makes use of 12in LF and 1.75in HF neodymium drivers, integral 700 W 3rd generation Class-D bi-amplification and on-board DSP technology. Extensive system control capabilities are accessed from the control interface with SensitiveTouch keypad; a no mechanical component or moving part capacitive sensor technology, that is highly responsive, weatherproof and durable.

Control settings include a selection of ‘plug & play’ active power and DSP system presets that enable the N12SM to be configured for performance quickly. The low profile form factor measures 459 x 364 x 570 mm (approx. 18 x 14 x 22.5 inches), and can be deployed in either a nearfield or front-of-stage monitoring profile.

The 2mm thick speaker grille provides robust protection and improved sound quality with what Amate describes as ‘the best perforation coefficient in the market.’ The Polyurea finish and rubber protective profiles provide durable protection for the birch-ply cabinet, and electronic circuits and controls are protected against moisture.

Other features include Amate Audio’s universal switch mode power supply, enabling operation with any mains condition between 90 and 264 V AC. The backlit NÍTID logo can be switched off or switched to indicate when the speaker system is limiting.

“Recently we have developed several coaxial based monitor designs but, while the N12SM – as part of our new NÍTID series – incorporates our very latest digital, acoustical and mechanical engineering developments, the design returns to the classical woofer and horn configuration that was especially popular in our SM12 stage monitor, in the early 2000s,” said vice president and chief technical officer Joan Amate. “With the N12SM we take that classic design and marry it with our most recent R&D capabilities, to produce something exceptionally compact and high performance.”