Ambient’s Argosy Stance

Ambient Digital Media, based in Marina Del Ray, California, and owned by the Post Modern Group since 2011 has built a new audio post production facility with four-person voiceover booth and Pro Tools/D-Command-based control room. Initially built to repurpose multi-season TV series’ for iTunes, the room has since expanded its role to support many aspects of Ambient’s business.
To house the console, Ambient has installed an Argosy Console, Inc. Mirage D-Command desk., which includes two six-space rack bays. At Ambient this houses a mic-preamplifiers, compressors, plus a Dolby CP750 processor that a manges the room’s monitor system (JBL LSR and Cinema Surround).
Ambient employed Reid Caulfield to oversee the technical implementation of its new audio facilities and to work full-time as a sound mixer and editor. He notes that Post Modern’s priority is to make its clients comfortable: “If that means Neumann microphones in the booth and a Pro Tools rig and a 60-inch screen and JBL monitors, it also means an Argosy console. Everywhere I go that has a D-Command has an Argosy holding it up, and we weren’t out to tread new ground there. I love their furniture anyway, so it was a no-brainer.”