AMI partners with 2% Rising – a hub for women and non-binary engineers and producers

Audio Media International is excited to announce that it has agreed a new media partnership with 2% Rising, an online networking hub for women and non-binary engineers and producers.

Launched earlier this year by artist and producer Rookes and mastering engineer and new AMI columnist Katie Tavini, 2% Rising was founded in response to the widely reported statistic that female producers only make up two per cent of the industry. The hub, which is currently 250 members strong (and still growing), is intended to serve as a safe space for producers and engineers to converse, share opportunities, ask questions and network. Sound designer Suze Cooper recently joined Rookes and Tavini as one of the group’s core staff members.

The partnership between AMI and 2% Rising will see us posting monthly spotlights on some of the most exciting new talent emerging from the network, while providing regular updates on its latest developments and activities. The first 2% Rising Spotlight will be published later this month. More details to follow.

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“Back in March 2020, 2% Rising was founded by Katie Tavini and myself to facilitate a safe digital space for women and gender minorities to grow their music studio careers and expand their skills,” Rookes told AMI. “Since then we have added the outstanding sound designer Suze Cooper to our core staff and have just passed the 250 membership mark. We are delighted to be partnering with Audio Media International to highlight the wealth of studio talent that can be found among our members.”

AMI editor, Daniel Gumble, commented: “2% Rising is a fantastic initiative, and the work that Rookes, Katie and Suze are doing to help raise awareness of the incredible talent that continues to be under-represented in our industry is magnificent. And while initiatives such as this are absolutely vital, it is so important that all of us in the music and professional audio industries do everything we can to change the current state of affairs and create a truly inclusive and representative environment in which talent can thrive without barriers. It is an honour to be a part of the 2% Rising project and we can’t wait to begin working with the team.”

You can visit the 2% Rising Facebook page here.