Antelope Audio partners with Inertia Sound Systems to release Instinct Synergy plugin

Pro audio manufacturer Antelope Audio has partnered with Inertia Sound Systems to create the Synergy Core-powered Instinct Synergy creative modulation real-time effect plugin. Designed for contemporary experimental music styles and creative sound design, the unique modulation effect can be used without noticeable latency for real-time processing of solo instruments or instrument groups.

Instinct Synergy can also be used as a mixing tool, says the company, with results that vary from smooth saturation to extremely distorted and noisy breathing sounds.

Thanks to Antelope Audio’s acclaimed Discrete 4 Synergy Core, Discrete 8 Synergy Core, Orion Studio Synergy Core, and Zen Tour Synergy Core audio interfaces’ inbuilt Synergy Core effects processing platform, owners of those devices can load Instinct Synergy and monitor their signal with imperceptible latency without adding any CPU load to the host computer. 

The concept behind both the original plug-in and the Synergy Core-compatible effect remains unchanged, says the brand: an ability to control tone, drive, and drive circuit parameters dynamically, based on a MOD signal that is created by the shaping or sculpting of the intensity envelope of the SCULPT section input. 

Applying the MOD signal to the drive circuit’s GAIN parameter produces a drive/transient shaper effect. Elsewhere, the shaped MOD signal can also alter other parameters, such as BIAS, post FILTER cut-off FREQ, plus transistor circuit shapers and tube circuit internal voltages.

Antelope Audio’s Instinct Synergy comes with a variety of pre-programmed presets, varying from smooth warm dynamics to more creative, wild, and noisy tones. 

Instinct Synergy creatively combines all attributes of Inertia Sound Systems’ original Instinct plug-in with the built-in Synergy Core processing engine of studio, and stage-ready Antelope Audio interfaces for monitoring live.

For prices and interface options, visit Antelope Audio.