Anti Motion Studios acquires Prism Sound Titan

Johannesburg’s Anti Motion Studios has recently added a Prism Sound’s Titan USB multi-track audio interface to its equipment list.

Located in the Highlands North area, the studio is owned and run by David Grevler, whose production, recording and mixing work has seen him nominated for SAMA and MK awards.

"I’ve always had my eye on the Prism Sound brand," Grevler said. "I would read reviews and watch YouTube videos about the products all the time, hoping one day to invest in one. Then my friend Jacob van der Westhuizen at Benjamin Pro Audio asked if I wanted to demo a Titan. I jumped at the opportunity and was truly amazed after plugging it in. It blew my previous interface out the water – I couldn’t believe the difference."

Grevler believed the smooth-sounding preamps and the musical and accurate conversion stood out, but the most noticeable difference was in his monitoring.

"It sounded like I had got a new set of monitors: they were so accurate and defined," he remarked. "My mixes have never translated onto other systems as well as they do now."

Using the unit has left Grevler feeling there is ‘honestly nothing not to like about the Titan’.

"It looks amazing, sounds even better, and the software and routing is a breeze to use," he commented. "I don’t just buy isolated items of audio kit, I buy into a brand. It needs to be the whole package and with Prism Sound, you get that, before you even own one of their interfaces. I’ve had nothing but amazing, friendly support and assistance from the team, even though they’re half way across the world. I couldn’t be happier to be part of the family."

Anti Motion Studios, which Grevler launched as a rehearsal space when he was still in his teens, offers a range of services including recording, mixing, mastering, producing and song writing. His own experience in recording studios stems back to his school days when he played in a band and used local studios to record demos.

"I decided it would be my career," he said. "I was fascinated how each component, instrument, melody or frequency could be manipulated to work together in the analogue or digital domains. This led me to study music and audio technologies, and later, to build my own facilities.

"It was always my dream to start a recording studio and work with the artist I’d admired growing up, so I saved, invested any money I made, and put it straight back into the business. Eventually, I was able to buy studio gear, acoustically treat my rooms, and the rest is history."

Grevler started off engineering and mixing music, going on to work with the band Wrestlerish, which was successful on the South African pop/rock scene a few years ago. Grevler has gone on to work with some of the biggest artists, bands and labels in the country and is now also in demand as a producer and composer, roles he describes as ‘rewarding and humbling’.