Apart Audio reveals CM Design speaker line

Apart Audio has released its new CM Design Series speakers, which the Belgian brand has designed to offer ‘simple, elegant integration’ into all interior environments.

A thin edge grille and integrated neodymium grille fixing magnets makes the new series both unobtrusive and easy to install.

Apart’s Quick Fix connectors avoid the need for junction boxes, reducing installation time and costs. Clear power tap labelling on the speakers’ transformers also aids quick and easy setup.

The two-way CM Design speakers are available in both 6.5in and 8in sizes, delivering power outputs of 60W and 100W respectively (power tappable to 20/15/5W – and down to 2.5W in 70v installations – with the 16 ohm models as below).

New models are as follows:

CM608D: 6.5” driver, 60W @ 8 ohms, 60Hz-20kHz frequency response

CM20DT: 6.5” driver, 60W @ 16 ohms, 60Hz-20kHz frequency response

CM1008D: 8” driver, 100W @ 8 ohms, 50Hz-20kHz frequency response

CMX20DT: 8” driver, 100W @ 16 ohms, 50Hz-20kHZ frequency response