APG equips Clore Studio at Royal Opera House

Upstairs at the Royal Opera House lies Clore Studio, a multifunctional venue used as both a ballet rehersal studio and as a performance space in its own right with a capacity of up to 200 people. It also hold regular workshops and events, and acts as a "laboratory" environment for experimentation amongst independent artists, small-scale companies and Opera House personell can collaborate. 

An APGMX1 system has recently been installed in Clore Studio byRed Square Studio, a solution that Head of Sound Martin Adams had been looking for for quite some time. RSA’s Paul Nicholson explained the need for a better system in place in Clore Studios, claiming "Martin wanted something that would deliver high quality speech and light music programme material across the whole of the audience seating area, which occupies the full width of the room, but is quite shallow." Nicholson also mentioned that in order to be sucessful, the system had to be neat, compact, as visually unobtrusive as possible, and so he sugessted APG’s MX1. "We made a demo replicating the system configuration as I saw it (essentially eight evenly spaced cabinets across the length of the seating area)", he explained. "Everyone was extremely impressed that a small 6.5" coaxial cabinet could deliver such high quality sound uniformly and over such a wide area."

Since its installation, Adams has confirmed its success in Clore Studio. "As sound systems go, this one may not be huge, but it has nevertheless made an enormous difference to the quality of the audience experience at the Clore," he said. "We’ve had nothing but positive comments since it was installed, and we’re grateful to Paul for having recommended and installed this solution from APG. It does everything we required of it- the system is discreet and the sound quality is such that you’d hardly know that the sound is amplified. It has the effect of bringing each performance even closer to the audience who feel completely absorbed as a result. We couldn’t have asked for more."