Aphex Microphone X now available in UK

UK distributor MSL Professional is now shipping the Microphone X USB condenser microphone from Aphex.

The new mic is equipped with a built-in hardware compressor, as well as patented Aural Exciter and Big Bottom technology.

Designed to be hooked up to a computer, Microphone X is ideal for podcasting, voiceovers and narration, and is suitable for home recording applications. It offers up to 24bit/96kHz recording resolution, and also includes a high performance cardioid capsule, custom engineered to provide extended frequency response and "superior" transient response.

Aphex’s Aural Exciter and Big Bottom analogue processing technology enhances the sound before being recorded or broadcast, the firm says. An analogue optical compressor helps keep the dynamic range under control, and supplies a consistent input level to the digital audio workstation, without clipping. The microphone also features a high output headphone amp based on the manufacturer’s HeadPod 4.

Microphone X comes with a tabletop stand, as well as the Reaper and Harrison Mixbus DAWs.

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