API AWARDS 2011: NAMM signs up as sponsor

NAMM has once again signed up as headline sponsor of the Audio Pro International Industry Excellence Awards.

"Pro audio and live sound innovation and excellence is a driving force in the rapidly changing world of making and performing music – and naturally very close to NAMM’s heart. We are grateful to see an ever-increasing presence of this dynamic market segment at the NAMM Show," said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM.

"With the support of NAMM member companies around the world, we welcome the opportunity to sponsor the Audio Pro International Awards again this year. We wish all the nominees the very best of luck."

Nominations for the Audio Pro Industry Excellence Awards are now open.

Worthy candidates can be submitted for free by emailing Audio Pro editor Andrew Low at: Andrew.Low@intentmedia.co.uk.

The list of categories for the Audio Pro Industry Excellence Awards 2011 are as follows:

Live & Installation
• Live Sound Event
• New Live Sound Product – Consoles
• New Live Sound Product – Amps
• New Live Sound Product – Pas
• Live Sound Engineer
• New Installation Product
• Installation Innovation
• After Sales Support

Studio & Broadcast
• New Studio Product – Microphone
• New Studio Product – Outboard
• New Studio Product – Monitor
• Recording Studio Engineer
• Broadcast Sound
• Studio of the Year
• Studio Initiative
• After Sales Support

This year, there will also be two special awards. The Lifetime Achievement Award will once again be presented to the individual who has shown an outstanding level of commitment and contribution to the pro audio industry. Nominations for this category are invited from across the length and breadth of the market.??Meanwhile, new for this year is the Grand Prix.

This is our highest accolade and rewards any pro audio brand or company which has enjoyed commercial and critical success, while also showing the highest level of support for the business in general. This award will be chosen exclusively by the Audio Pro International team.