API launches two new microphone preamps

API has released two new microphone preamps, the 3124V and 3124MV.

The 3124V is essentially the same unit as the company’s current 3124+, while the 3124MV is the same unit as the 3124mb+, but both share two additional features.

Firstly, both new units offer front panel Variable Output Level Control, a valuable addition given today’s professional workflow. “This is a feature long requested by the pro audio community, and we’re happy to provide it in the 3124V and 3124MV,” said API’s president Larry Droppa.

Secondly, the new preamps add a switchable 3:1 output transformer selection, also on the front panel. All other design aspects of the 3124V remain identical to the 3124+, including the original circuitry, proprietary input and output transformers, and 2520 op amps.

Like the 3124mb+, the 3124MV provides an additional audio mixer with a transformer balanced output, keeping the unit size and price reasonable. The 3124MV adds a stereo panner with a level control, and a post fader aux send. The stereo panners and the AUX sends are bussed to master output controls and then to the rear panel jacks. A stereo AUX return is provided to return effects or cascade additional mixers for more inputs. The unique stereo AUX return control acts to balance the left/right signal, yet staying stereo. It can also be used as a mono return.