API special – Acoustic solutions: Part one

When it comes to audio broadcast, the element of room acoustics is certainly a pivotal one, whereby the success or failure of a project can be determined by the acoustic solutions in place. Whether it be in the realm of the home or professional recording studio or a live performance venue or facility, an insufficiently treated room can essentially render millions of pounds worth of equipment useless if the acoustics aren’t quite right. Daniel Gumble takes a look at some of the key brands currently operating in the sector of acoustic solutions….

Taking inspiration from the research of Manfred Schroeder, Dr Peter D’Antonio designed and built his first Quadratic Residue Diffusers before setting up RPG Diffusor Systems in 1983. Based in Maryland, USA, the company developed a full range of diffusors, absorbers and combination products, a number of which, have gone on to shape the industry, as well as influence a new direction of studio design ideas, such as the ‘reflection free zone.’ The company’s influence has also gone some way to help develop many of the practices and designs being used today, as well as assisting the development of standards for the measurement of diffusion and scattering.

Acoustic GRG Products began working with RPG Diffusor Systems over 20 years ago, subsequently becoming RPG Europe and manufacturing the entire range of RPG Diffusor Systems in the UK for the UK and European market.

RPG possesses an extensive range of products for both pro and home studios. These can range from simple foam tiles to bass traps that are effective at 35Hz. As opposed to creating a generic foam panel, RPG developed a panel designed to increase the bandwidth of absorption without having to remove the product already installed, whilst making the best use out of thinner materials. Using the patented Variable Depth Air Cavity system, a foam was produced that can be layered in order to optimise performance.

Its Acoustic Tools serve as room kits made from its Absorber and BAD panel line, offering increased bandwidth and a range of colours.

Clients of RPG include Real World Studios, the BBC Studios Maida Vale, Sony Music, the Hit Factory, EA Sports, Code Masters and many others.


EQ Acoustics:
Formerly known as Acousti Pro, EQ Acoustics is a UK manufacturer and supplier of Acoustic Treatment, Sound Proofing and the Studio Anywhere range of modular acoustic structures, ranging from vocal booths and control rooms, to entire performance facilities.

Specialising in providing solutions anywhere that modular acoustic structures ranging from vocal booths and control rooms, to entire performance facilities are required, the EQ Acoustics team comprises technical and commercial experts, boasting a combined 50 years’ of practical experience. It is able to adapt to most budgets as it manufactures in the UK and distributes directly from its own warehouse facilities.

EQ Acoustics also offers such services as studio design and build, whilst also providing high-performance firesafe modular room systems. From vocal booths and control rooms, to full performance facilities, it aims to design and install its products quickly, in full compliance with UK fire regulations and BB93.

Furthermore, EQ Acoustics also offers acoustic treatment for home and project studios, home cinemas and listening rooms, commercial studios for recording post-production and broadcast, in addition to a variety of work for schools and offices, while parts can be custom manufactured from its extensive range of materials.


As a manufacturer of numerous acoustic materials for a wide range of markets, the staff at Primacoustic boasts a collective experience of over 30 years in the studio and live sound sectors and 15 years in acoustics.

The company’s primary focus has always been fixed upon educating its customers via its website and client interaction, whilst also offering a vast range of acoustic solutions, from room kits to panels, bass traps, diffusors, Studio Globos, IsoTools, hardware and more.

Primacoustic has seen a number of its products used as part of many a high profile project. Its Broadway acoustic panels have taken pride of place on the studio walls of international artists such as Tommy Lee, Nathan East, Scott Henderson, and David Bottrill, and have also been selected by gaming giants Electronic Arts and Transformers. They were also used to handle the acoustics at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics by US network NBC and Canada’s CTV in the International Broadcast Centre.

As well as its Broadway panels, Primacoustic is known for offering a wide array of acoustic solutions, including the T-bar ceiling tiles, which are designed to help retain sound inside a boardroom, acoustic clouds for call centres and studios and bass traps and diffusers for high end control rooms.


Part two of API’s acoustic solutions special continues tomorrow.