API special – acoustic solutions: Part two

API continues to delve into the acoustic solutions sector with an insight to some of the key brands currently operating in the market.

Universal Acoustics:
Universal Acoustics is a Milton Keynes-based, UK manufacturer of acoustic products. The company claims to offer a unique approach to that of other acoustic foam manufacturers by being able to provide a range of contemporary profiled designs cut from Basotect fire retardant material that meets class O ratings for use, not only in studios but in public spaces. Additionally, it is also the only company in Europe that can produce coloured tiles.

Offering a vast array of products, including speaker isolating Vibro Pads, Solar System kits, absorption tiles, diffuser tiles and bass traps, Universal Acoustics also supplies specialised glue, formulated to provide great adhesion to walls, whilst ensuring the foam remains undamaged. Each of its products are manufactured in the UK under the close inspection of its staff, providing quality control during the design and manufacturing process.

The company also provides acoustic treatments for use in recording and broadcast studios, music rehearsal rooms, audio and language labs, boardrooms, offices, staff rooms, gymnasiums and any open spaces that demand efficient sound absorption to optimise the integrity and intelligibility of the audio, as well as the performance and dynamics of the room.

Furthermore, it asserts that every studio or listening room requires acoustic treatment and, once treated, it will be the engineer’s most valuable tool for creating a great sound. Its website features a free online guide and video with tips on how to acoustically treat a room.


Auralex Acoustics:
Founded in 1977, Auralex Acoustics was formed in response to the expensive nature of acoustical products available at the time. Eric Smith, company founder, started the company in his garage, aware that even big-budget broadcast and recording facilities could not afford the acoustic materials on the market.

This philosophy of offering optimum products at cost-effective rates is something that has remained with the company to this day. Smith comments: “Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our line and now have in place solid products to solve virtually every acoustical problem – regardless of room size, shape or function.”


Vicoustic is a manufacturer of high-quality, acoustic products based near Lisbon, Portugal, which distributes its products across the globe.

Boasting an extensive range of products, the company’s portfolio includes a raft of absorption and diffusion panels, bass traps, portable acoustic products and variable acoustic solutions.

Its three business divisions – Music & Broadcast, Hi-Fi & Home Cinema, and Industrial – aim to service the needs of its increasing international customer base, which includes recording and broadcast studios, education establishments, hotels and restaurants, home cinemas and residential developments, factories and workplaces.