Apogee announces new Ensemble Thunderbolt control software

Apogee Electronics has rolled out new control software for the Ensemble Thunderbolt audio interface that enables additional features and functionality.

The company’s Control software, which replaces Maestro 2 and offers a modern, customisable user interface, has been built from the ground up to offer a highly customisable user interface that provides multi-unit support and compatibility with the Apogee Control iOS App, as well as the Apogee Control hardware remote.

Users can connect two Ensemble Thunderbolt interfaces to a Mac – doubling their analogue inputs and outputs – and also connect any Apogee Element interface to an Ensemble Thunderbolt for an expanded system with the new update, which will be available in July from the Apogee website below as a free download for those on macOS 10.10 or greater.

The Ensemble Thunderbolt was reviewed in the February 2015 issue of Audio Media International.