Artnovion introduces MedLine cleanable acoustic solutions for Covid-safe workspaces

Acoustic treatment specialist Artnovion has released a new MedLine range of cleanable acoustic solutions to ensure a Covid-safe workplace.

It says the new line allows any space to be acoustically treated with products designed to endure hard-wearing, regular disinfection, and comply with the most demanding hygiene regulations. The MedLine range sports hospital-grade anti-bacterial coatings, with hard-wearing, washable, anti-odour finishes.

Artnovion’s new MedLine-Cleanable Troy Med CL range is made from antimicrobial materials that provide protection against all other agents and can also be cleaned with Covid-19 killing disinfectants.

The surfaces on these acoustic products need to be perforated, allowing for sound waves to penetrate the panel for optimal sound absorption. Surface resting pathogens are eliminated by the outer surface’s antimicrobial treatment and by regular disinfection. The inner perforation surfaces are inaccessible and cannot be touched, meaning that they do not contribute in any way to the transmission of pathogenic agents.

Artnovion’s faux leather finishes have an incorporated antimicrobial treatment, formed by embedded metal ions, that convey the ability to break down bacterial cell walls, creating an antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odour surface. The leather is perforated, allowing for sound waves to penetrate the panel for optimal sound absorption.

Similarly, a new Twill Acoustic fabric in the range can regularly cleaned and disinfected with aggressive antibacterial and antiviral agents like alcohol or bleach solutions.
Products that use Twill Acoustic fabric include the Sparta AE Absorber, Troy AE Absorber and Azores AE Absorber.

Based in Portugal, Artnovion specialises in absorption and diffusion panels, bass traps, portable acoustic products and variable acoustic solutions.