ATC introduces SCM12 passive nearfield monitor

British manufacturer ATC has announced the immediate availability of the SCM12 Pro – a new two-way compact passive nearfield monitor.

As an all-new design, the SCM12 Pro is designed to offer a compact, installation-friendly footprint ideally suited to nearfield monitoring as well as multichannel music and post-production applications.

According to ATC technical sales manager Ben Lilly, “users will find that productions completed using the SCM12 Pro will translate beautifully to other systems and that their incredibly low distortion makes listening to them a pleasure – even after long hours in the studio. At under £1,150 per pair, they may prove ideal for those seeking to upgrade ageing, hard-to-repair passive studio monitors.”

The tweeter is a 25mm/1in soft-dome designed around ATC’s dual-suspension technology. Unlike conventional tweeters, this precision part employs two suspensions, promising greater control of the voice coil and dome motion – especially at higher sound pressure levels.

At the lower end of the frequency spectrum, mid/bass reproduction is handled by ATC’s 6in proprietary CLD drive unit. Using a 1.75in-diameter voice coil, and employing an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) optimised high-energy symmetric gap motor system, the driver is capable of huge dynamic range with minimal power compression, the company says.

An install-specific sibling, the SCM12i, will also be available as of Q1 2017. This model will feature threaded mounting points to mate with widely-available wall and ceiling brackets from K&M and Adaptive Technologies to simplify installation – useful in complex multichannel systems, such as those required by Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos, or DTS:X.