Audible pairs up with design firm WSDG to upgrade in-house studios

Audiobook platform Audible has “totally configured” its in-house studio facility with the help of studio designer Walters-Storyk Design Group (WSDG).

Based in Newark, NJ, Audible’s expanded commitment to original audio content – including conversational audio series, comedy, motivational speeches, and investigative reporting – required them to consider what features and components would provide them with optimal production capabilities.

In addition to an increasing production slate, Audible also casts high profile celebrity readers and performers, making it important for its new studios’ technical and acoustic assets to reflect an equally high level of aesthetic integrity.

The Audible studio plan required the control room systems to be identical in equipment, rack layouts and patch bay assignments so that sessions could move seamlessly between rooms.

“Each studio is fully isolated, with decoupled floors and room-within-room construction,” said WSDG partner and project manager Romina Larregina. “Audible is developing increasingly sophisticated productions which may incorporate original music and sound design. They needed their studios to be capable of recording far more ambitious programmes.”

WSDG founding partner John Storyk added: “We are personally involved in all of our projects, and take great satisfaction in our contribution to their cultural and artistic mandates. Many of us are also great fans of recorded books, and that connection brought a special meaning to our Audible assignment. We hope their new studios bring them continued success.”

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