Audient debuts Sono guitar recording interface

Audient has teamed up with leading cab simulation pioneers, twonotes audio engineering, to present Sono, a new audio interface for guitarists.

Sono houses the “ultimate” valve guitar preamp, featuring an on board 12AX7 analogue valve and 3-band Tone control alongside twonotes Torpedo power amp modelling and cab simulation.

Monitor mix allows blending between the guitar input signal and DAW playback, ensuring delay-free recording, playback and monitoring.

"With twonotes, the creative possibilities are endless and you can really start dialling in the tones you hear in your head," said marketing manager, Andy Allen. "Choose from a wide range of guitar and bass cab models based on classics such as the Marshall 4×12, Fender 2×12 or Ampeg Fridge, with more tones downloadable from Torpedo Remote if needed. You can even customise everything from the room type, microphone model and placement too, and once you’re happy with your sound, you can store your favourite presets on board Sono and play them in standalone mode at any time – without the need for a computer."

Alongside the more guitar-centric features, Sono is a powerful interface in its own right, with two Audient console mic pres for studio quality recordings, expandability up to 10 inputs via ADAT for recording drums, class leading converters as well as the unique ‘to valve’ feature. "Try routing vocal microphones or synths through the classic valve preamp, analogue EQ and twonotes processing and start creating crazy new sounds or simply add that classic analogue warmth to your recordings," added Allen.

Sono is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2019 and will retail at USA MAP $449.