Audient desk installed at Livewire Youth Music charity

A 36-channel Audient ASP8024 desk with patchbay and producer’s desk has been installed at Livewire Youth Music, an independent charity which provides a musical hub and teaching platform for kids and young people in the local community.

Offering free and open access to music lessons (guitar, bass, vocal, drums etc), Cornwall-based Livewire also uses its facilities to teach live engineering and studio recording skills to those aged 10 to 21.

The arrival of the Audient console has inspired both staff and young people giving a new learning focus for the studio, and enriching the experience for those on both sides of the glass.

Manager Andy Rance has been running the youth centre for the best part of three decades, and was pleased to welcome local three-piece band, The Flying Saucepans as the first to be recorded using the analogue console last month. “Our longtime studio and venue engineer, Will Rodgers led the session with support from two of the older trainee studio engineers,” said Rance. “It went perfectly. The young band preferred analogue – as does our engineer; this also meant we got the full benefit of the Audient’s superb preamps and EQ from the off!”

Rodgers is already very pleased with how the ASP8024 is settling in. “What stands out for me is the fact that you can choose any input to your soundcards simply by pressing a button. This makes life so much easier. Also, the sheer number of outputs and routing options. The highlight however, is the clarity and transparency of the musical EQs making it so easy to get the sound you want with minimal effort.

“The pre-amps in the ASP8024 sound exceptional and clean, even at a high gain and if used with good quality mics, the signal can be sent straight to the recorder without the need for any added processing/effects.”

Everybody at Livewire Youth Music agrees it was worth it. “Our young trainee engineers are absolutely over the moon and have immediately fallen in love with the desk,” added Rodgers. “I am loving using the Audient and as I get more used to its functions the experience will only get better and better, I feel proud to promote our new studio now we have such wonderful equipment.”