Audient EVO 16 ‘Smartgain just blew my mind,’ says TX Audio Engineer

According to audio engineer and drummer Evan Jones, the Audient EVO 16 was the final piece in the puzzle when putting his “dream mobile recording studio” together. “The EVO 16 and its software is at the heart of this whole system,” he says, describing his current setup. “The mic pres have great sound and gain, the headphones sound great and the EVO software that sits on top of Pro Tools is rock solid.”

It was a request from a singer/songwriter friend to record a dozen or so songs at his home that was the impetus to finally get Evan’s ultimate rig sorted out. “After tons of research, I landed on the Audient EVO 16. It checked all the boxes when it came to mic pres as well as inputs and outputs,” he explains.

EVO 16 is a 24 in/24 out audio interface with eight award-winning EVO Preamps and advanced converter technology. In addition, these intelligent mic preamps can set their own levels with Smartgain. “I’m tracking drums on Gary Devlin’s project so the Smartgain just blew my mind.” Smartgain saves Evan time: he sets up the mics, presses the Smartgain button, starts drumming and before he knows it, he’s ready to record. Powered by the EVO 16 algorithm, Smartgain uses advanced peak analysis to automatically analyse, adjust and set his gain to the perfect levels in less than 20 seconds. “And it has worked just as promised!” he says.

His work background encompasses audio engineering, videography and graphic design, having developed the Pro Tools mixing templates and signature voice treatments on Japanese anime television series, Dragon Ball Z and other American anime titles. Today he is Creative Media Director at Mount Olive Baptist Church in Arlington, Texas and FOH audio engineer for Arlington’s live venue, Levitt Pavilion.

Evan’s passion for live recording was born in the nineties and was the inspiration for his start-up business, Jones Mobile Recording. He’s spent the last two decades honing his skills and steadily growing his setup.

With EVO 16 at its core, he’s currently using external preamps via ADAT for 16 additional ins. “I also have some TLA tube preamps to choose from on the front end. For monitoring I’ve got a Mackie 4 channel headphone amp utilising four outputs from Pro Tools and the EVO 16 for six independent headphones mixes. I even wired in my old Alesis NanoVerb! It is a full top notch mobile recording rig.” Well, nearly. He’s just about to order the recently released EVO SP8 8-channel mic pre, which will give him even more channels of Smartgain.

“So far, I’ve done on-site vocal auditions, violin auditions, a West African Christian praise team, some festival stuff, live band recording, a double LP mastering for Teen Cancer America, Pro Tools Training and so much more – all in the first four months of owning this rig.” he says.

There doesn’t look like there’s going to be a break any time soon, either. “The first quarter of 2023 is already booked up recording Gospel groups, string ensembles and vocal groups,” he says.