Audient gear donation helps expand Women’s Audio Mission

Audient has donated ten of its iD4 USB audio interfaces to the Women’s Audio Mission (WAM) as part of efforts to kit out an additional training location in Oakland, California, which opened last month and is expected to reach 3,000 underserved girls by 2020.

An Audient ASP8024 is already being used in the original WAM studio in San Francisco, where over 1,500 women and girls per year are trained in music and media production.

When the British desk arrived at the studio two years ago, WAM founder and executive director Terri Winston was aware of the quality of Audient products, and said, "I had used various DDA consoles so I was familiar with David Dearden’s console designs and was already a fan."

In 2017, the success of the training programs has generated enormous interest outside of San Francisco, particularly in Oakland. When putting together the spec for the new training centre, Winston was looking for audio interfaces with iOS compatibility for both iMacs and iPads. She settled on the iD4s, which were supplied by Audient’s distribution partner Momentum Audio Sales.

“WAM is thrilled to establish this anchor in the Fruitvale District, where we have been partnering with underserved Oakland schools for over five years now,” said Winston, already preparing for fall training programs which start in September. “With so many partner schools within walking distance, we can now easily reach the schools and girls that need our programs the most.”

WAM is a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of women in creative technology, providing free after-school training and mentoring to thousands of women and girls each year. It is also the only professional recording studio in the world built and run by women.