Audified collaborates with Martin Linda for the RockStack virtual guitar amp

Audified has taken programmer Martin Linda’s namesake, Linda Audio, under its wing to create the RockStack — a virtual guitar amp suited to a wide range of rock and metal sub-genres.

The Rockstack is a chorus and delay effects-equipped, three-channel amplifier and cabinet plugin.

As a longtime user of various amp sims and cab impulses, experienced mastering/mixing engineer, musician, and programmer Martin Linda started making inroads into programming his dream machine as a guitar amp plugin perfectly suited to working with a wide range of rock and metal sub-genres many moons ago. But it was only by closely collaborating with Audified that he was finally able bring that dream to life.

Enter Linda RockStack — a three-channel amplifier plugin with an independently-switchable MOD/DELAY effects section, and a continuously-blend-able cabinet IMPULSE section.

It is also equipped with extensive tone-shaping options, such as PRE and POST (LO, MID, and HI) gain EQ alongside additional TIGHT, FAT, and BODY contours.

The Linda RockStack is designed to provide its users with the tools to create their own mix-ready rock and metal sounds rather than simply copying what has gone before.

“There is no need to simulate a brand when you can create your dream guitar tone instead,” enthused Martin Linda.

Audified’s Linda RockStack plugin is available now.